MSP Starcoins Ebook Guide

Hello everybody and welcome to my website , today i’m going to share with you some of my best secrets about how i generated over 1 million of starcoins using some very simple methods , i’m sharing this ebook for free because i’m a big fan of MSP and i want to sprend this information , i know that a lof of people are paying a lot of money and i’m here to help you to generate starcoins , diamonds and to get a trial 1 month VIP all these information are free and if somebody want to share it on forums/blog etc. you need to post a link to my website and also my name ( Fern Willis ) because i’ve worked 40 hours to write this ebook and i shared some information that are very private and i don’t think many people know about them .

How to download the MSP Guide ?

It’s very simple to download it , you only need to scroll down and click on the big green download button and that’s all you will not need to complete any annoying survey or to pay money because it’s free and high quality ! I think that many of you are thinking that this it’s a free guide and it’s low quality but you abest msp ebookre wrong , you only need to download or you can also view it online and test the 1st method that i wrote there about how to make 10k starcoins in less than 1 minute . I played more than 5 years this game and i always tried to search for a method to trick the game and i founded a lot of tricks but no all are shared here , depend of the succes of the ebook i will think about sharing the rest tricks .If you have any problems or you see a bug on this website please contact us !


It’s this ebook free or i need to pay for it ?

Like i said before twice it’s free , you only need to click on the download button and you are done , you don’t need to pay more or to enter your email adress because i’m not a marketer . I am very confident that this book will go viral in a very short period because of the awesome tricks that i included there , you will also find images and videos ( hosted on Youtube) that will show you step by step the method that i’ve used in these 5 years as a player of MovieStarPlanet . Please note that these tricks are not against the policy of MSP and you will not get banned if you use them , i personally contacted the MSP support and asked them if i’m allowed to use these techniques and they said that it’s no problem .

One of the most irritating thing i don’t want to see it’s to copy my ebook and to post of forums as it’s your ebook if i will see these kinds of things i will remove the download button and will replace it with a buy now button for 49$ . I’ve worked way to many hours for this ebook and i don’t accept those kinds of Copyright violation .

We made another website for this ebook and published it online on that website please check it 🙂 

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What will be included this ebook ?

I will share a lot of things and i bet that you didn’t saw these tricks on other website , i’m so sure that you didn’t saw these tricks that if you found something similar to my ebook i will send you 100$ .

  • The Starcoins method ( the killer method)
  • Fame auto-pilot generator ( 10 minute to set it up and you are done )
  • Friends ( popularity king )

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